The Party & The After Party

I was introduced to the music of The Weeknd (Crew Love) months ago and I just can’t get enough y’all. It’s the type of music that you listen to alone because it puts you in a zone (there’s a song by this name as well). Or when you’re  you know, with someone verrry special ; )

I have my faves that I listen to very regularly but I just recently discovered a song and I’m kind’ve in awe that I wasn’t jumping all over it before. Listen to it here

2:57 is when it gets a little Janet Jacksony for a few.

The Man is not a fan. Says he’s a little whiny & he sings about being high on drugs a bit too much. True dat but the music is still fantastic in my opinion.

My Weeknd faves are;

Gone, The Zone, What you need, Rolling Stone,Echoes of Silence and Outside. I really like part I and II of the Birds too.


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