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What’s on Etsy.com?

I love Etsy. Creative people trying to make a dollar creatively.

Okay, this has been on for quite some time now

New Year Sale - Dark Teal Ruffled Canvas Women's Fanny Pack, Hip Bag, Belt pouch, Handbag - Kinies Ruffled Waist Purse

Don’t you just love it? I’m into all the frills and it’s very challenging (for me) passing up a hip purse. 10% off ($40) with this code – KINIES10 – comes in a bunch of different colors. They’ve had over 11,000 sales and 1oo% positive feedback.

firecracker silver plated post earrings

Firecracker Silver Plated Post Earrings by Pixiestrinkets $8

Honey Lip Balm . Vegan . Tube

Honey Lip Balm $1.50 from wink

Pink Doughnut Soap

Pink Doughnut Soap $4 by Story Book Soaps

and I had to do this…

Striking and elegant wedding dress

for all you gals getting married $5,398.12 Galia Lahav




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