Boots / Footwear

Merry Xmas To Me!

Uggs has recently experienced declining sales prompting them to lower their prices by about $15. However, and probably partially due to this, this xmas they topped the most gifted list. Yes – this means they beat out Ipad and Barbie ( And I happened to be one of those recipients thanks to The Man. You did good honey (as always).

My new Uggs

Some other cute Uggs

UGG Broome III

Broome III $169.90

UGG Rommy Tall

Rommy Tall $249.90

UGG Roxy Tall Boots 5818 Chestnut

Roxy Tall Boots $124.79

UGG Retro Cargo Boots 1895 Burnt Olive Suede

Retro Cargo Boots $170.63

UGG Montclair Boots 1892 Sand Suede

Montclair Boots $170.63

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