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The Man and all his Bombness

The Man and I were sitting here chilling to the Roy Ayers station on Pandora (Liquid Love is that deal) watching homemade videos of the BB’s opening their Xmas gifts on the ipad when we came across a pic I saved of the purse he bought me for our anniversary (8 yrs as of Jan 26). I saw the purse at the mall and instantly fell in love with it. Even had the sales associate put it on hold for me, but I never went back for it. That evening I pulled it up on their website to show him and I guess I gushed so much that he decided to get up the next morning and buy it for me. I was totally and pleasantly surprised by his thoughtfulness.

Luxe Rocks Scarlett Bag

Luxe Rocks Scarlett Bag

From Juicy Couture

He’s a keeper right?

There’s so many lovely things about this bag –
1. It’s like a foldover and I’m seriously in love with almost any bag that folds over.
2. The strap is short so it hits right at the waist and I can’t crossbody it which is what really made me pine for it. So 50s
3. It’s a rich looking green with a bold jewel. Simply classic vintage

I carried it to work the entire first week even though it didn’t match a thing. Got lots of compliments. It is currently in its duster in the box in the bag that I received it in. (Their paraphernalia is so pretty) The Man joked that it’ll remain there for months before I pull it out again like all my other bags… Every bag has its season.


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