I’m Different, Yea I’m Different

drawstring denim jacker $75

Talk about standing out. Exactly how many compliments do you think you’d receive rocking this? Yeah, plenty.

FYI I’m sitting here in the bed eating a biggie fry from Wendys at 10:45PM. Mind you I just came from the gym a few hours ago and already had a meal from Bojangles (they have the best fries ever but Wendy’s is #2 on my list). Gonna miss them (Bojangles) when I move up North. I’ve been gyming it up lately because I recently purchased a bikini for the first time in like eight yrs (gasp) and I need to get it together around that midsection area. I plan on wearing the bikini in about nine days…………………(I needed to add several extra periods for that).

FYI again – just went to the Bojangles website and they’re in the DMV area so yay!

2 thoughts on “I’m Different, Yea I’m Different

  1. Here Jave! Glad to see your are still blogging. I love your posts. I’ve been down a bit since my dad died but trying to get back on my feet! We just posted to cookat350, did you get a notice in your email? If not let me know. Love ya!

    • Hey Wanda, I didn’t get an email. I’ll check it out and make sure I’m still subscribed. I’ll be in Michigan over the summer – we should plan one of those brunches and you and Tia can come

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