Make Up / Mascara

The Best Darn Mascara.

Notice the period at the end of the title. Because this is the Best Darn Mascara Period.

20130508-214915.jpg $23 at Sephora

 You don’t know until you try it. My cousin, Kimonster  (yeah she’s a lil terror), put me up on this. I am a faithful go back to-er of the classic Great Lash for obvious reasons. But I like bold, daring lashes. Well really I just like long, thick and luscious lashes. I also once loved Dior Diorshow.


 Both are quite the bomb. However, I felt like I could find a cheaper drugstore brand that was comparable to Diorshow and I believe I did. Do you all remember this?


 It worked (Maybelline XXL) pretty well but eventually I got tired of (sigh) first doing the white, then the black – I mean, it was incredibly time-consuming (or am I just impatient??) It was beginning to get a bit messy too. Since then I’ve been bouncing around with no real fave. Just my trusty Great Lash.

So, what makes They’re Real better? I let a friend use it (super no-no) and she asked me, “What is the brush made of?” I was like, “I dunno, who cares? It’s the bomb.” But I tried to look it up for you guys and this is what I found,

“With 326 bristles, this spindly design covers every last lash. Testers especially loved its sea urchin–like tip, which made reaching the tiny hairs at the inner corners of the eyes easy and mess-free.”


That’s it right there – all those bristles and it goes on thick but neat – not the least bit clumpy. This mascara so fly ; )

What’s your favorite mascara and why?


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