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Marlow Loafer and The Challenge

marlow loafer1 marlow loafer

The Man and I walked into the Tory Burch store a few weeks ago and he immediately pointed out these shoes to me. What’s funny is I already owned them. I purchased them in February but I’ve never worn them. I love them to death but I’m afraid I’m going to mess them up because I walk on the outside of my feet so the edge of my flats always get damaged. I don’t want them to look dirty. I have a pair of  nude Ivanka Trump heels that I’ve worn only once for the same reason. Those I’ve had for nearly three years…Ivanka-Trump-Indico

He gets upset that I buy stuff and never wear it. I have a dress in my closet that I bought in Ft. Lauderdale to wear on my birthday two years ago. I ended up wearing something else and the poor dress has been hanging in my closet looking pretty ever since.

So this summer, I am vowing to wear everything: shoes, clothes, jewelry and bags. I’ve gotten in a sort of fashion rut because I don’t go out much anymore and I feel like I have no where to wear this stuff. My friend came over recently and saw all my shoes sitting nicely on a tall shelving unit in the garage (they don’t fit in my closet). She shook her head and said, “You don’t wear any of those shoes.” In the midst of packing (because I’m moving far far away), I separated all my summer shoes from my winter shoes and I am determined to wear every single pair!

The Challenge

I will be creating head to toe looks that incorporate shoes and accessories and will be documenting the looks with photographs. Invitations to “places” are gladly accepted so I can have somewhere to flaunt!!

Who’s with me? Comment below to get in and email me pics at with Summer Challenge in the subject line so I can post.

Kate Bosworth's Closet

Kate Bosworth’s Closet

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