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Summer Wardrobe Challenge, er…

I did not forget about MY challenge that I personally decided to do for MYSELF!!

What I did forget however, was to take pictures of my fabulous summer outfits. Oops. I’d tell myself as I walked out the door, “Oh yeah, I need to take a pic. I’ll do it when I get home.” Then I’d forget again. That’s what happens in old age and after having BB’s (my children). Most times I remembered after I removed my clothes for the day at which point it was just too darn late.

Well, I did happen to remember on a very few occasions so here we go

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One thought on “Summer Wardrobe Challenge, er…

  1. Thanks for liking my post! In that photo where you are in a red dress you look so much like your mom it is not even funny! Hugs!

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