Bathing Suits / Exercise

FALLing back into routine

I spent a lot of time working to get myself bikini ready for the summer. Remember I hadn’t worn a bikini in about seven years? Side note, my laptop crashed and burned so I’ve been trying to write from my ipad but this ridiculous thing try’s to fix my words by coming up with other random words that are just completely wrong and it’s a bit frustrating, end side note. So I purchased this super lovely two piece that I spent waaaay too much money on (damn u Everything But Water)ebw ballet halter topBut she is cute isn’t she? And she’s much more vibrant in real life. So the mistake I made was I got really, extremely lazy over the summer months and the only exercising I did involved lifting my fork to my mouth. I gained seven pounds which is really something considering I NEVER gain weight. Things begin to change with age…

Because working out is FLY, two days ago I made a super conscious effort to go from flab to fab concentrating on the shrinkage of my gut and toning of everything else. I don’t mind the weight so much as the bulge under my shirt. I like to wear body suits and such and trying to hold it in has become pure torture to my breathing and my back. I was in the grocery store the other day and said freak it and just let it all hang out eek! That was a first.

So, the game plan. Well I ended my Lifetime Fitness membership back in May before I moved because that price tag cray in DC for a family of four and the amenities aren’t the same. While we’re searching for a new gym I’ll be working it out in the comfort of my basement with TiffanyRotheWorkouts on YouTube. She is the bomb.

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