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Today the high is expected to be 46 and the sun is shining so brightly y’all. It sounds like it’s raining because the snow is quickly melting and running down my gutters.  I get waaaayyy too excited when I see temps in the forties. I’m like, “Yes, it’s summer!” I don’t have to cover my tresses, wear gloves, and maybe if it’s not still a ton of snow or wet, I can wear some flats. Flats have become the love of my life and my feet are sad because it’s just been too darn cold to rock ’em. I can’t have all that foot exposed to the elements – not brave enough.  I become a cocoon in the cold, wrapped up so much I look at least 10pds heavier.

image So today I’m rocking this Express sweater The Man got me for valentines day along with my curly, headbanded, old twist out that I applied a little conditioner to this morning. I’ve contemplated several times already doing something to my hair but I’m feeling extra lazy. Perhaps it is because I have been practically swallowing these starburst jelly beans whole all morning. image I had to convert them to a sandwich bag because my kid ripped them open like the wild animal he is. On the subject of jelly beans, I was a little disappointed when I popped the first one in my mouth (clearly that feeling subsided since I’ve been devouring them all day). Last week I enjoyed a bag of sweet tarts jelly beans. Yesterday I saw the starburst brand at target. Starburst used to be my #1 all time favorite. Like I couldn’t wait until Easter time so I could get my hands on some. Then I got hooked on the sweet tarts brand and had totally forgotten about starburst. I called myself  ‘going back to my roots’ when I saw them. I was practically raised on starburst jelly beans. (But not really because I don’t think they came out until I was in my early twenties???) Anywho, going forward I will stick with the sweet tarts brand because I love the flavor and the texture.

So yea, that’s probably why I’m tired… or maybe it’s because I was up late watching orange is the new black (just recently got netflix), or possibly because I haven’t been to the gym in about three weeks…


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