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One Love

Can’t sleep. Sometimes my mind jumps from here to there and everywhere. Doesn’t happen often thank goodness. Perhaps it is due to the Twinkies and Dr. Pepper I had for dinner. I don’t normally eat like this. Been three years since I had a Twinkie and I only drink pop maybe once every 3-4 months.

So, I figure I’d throw in and update on my “progress” and other things going on in my life at the current moment.

No I have not yet purchased that darn planner. I’ve been distracted with hosting and traveling and soccer and homework (an arduous task – I’m the absolute worst homework helper ever – after my dad that is). Also the rain makes me stay in. I’m afraid I might melt, ha!

So, my wonderful mother in law came in town with our little nephews and stayed for quite some time to kick it with us, and to watch the BB’s while we travelled to an all inclusive, five star, adult only resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Needless to say, it was heaven.

Wait, first of all The Man misplaced his wallet before we even left for the airport. Thank goodness all we needed were passports and I had the bank card. Perhaps while landing, poor baby’s cell phone must’ve slipped from his pocket and it’s been m.i.a. ever since. During checkout, I realized my bank card had mysteriously disappeared. Thank goodness for credit cards! Despite all of that, no worries – we were in Jamaica mon.

However, I’m not a good picture taker type of person so I took maybe eight pictures. He would’ve been better documenting our memories but I barely had my cell on me walking to and fro the beach, etc.

We was drankin' but not watermelon

We was drankin’ but not watermelon

We were there for our good friends wedding. Gotta love destination weddings!

Came back on cloud nine but needed to recuperate from endless alcoholic beverages, late night/early morning room service and limited hours of sleep. It was a freaking blast.

So back to this planner. Yeah I’m going to get it tomorrow before the kids soccer games. Then I can work on perfecting my stay at home mom skills.


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