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That flower life

Today I planted flowers in my yard. It wasn’t even difficult and it only took minutes. Except there were tons of ants and those little water bug thingys. But I had my cute gardening gloves on.

The biggest dilemma while planning my “gardening activity” was deciding what to wear. I don’t have “gardening” clothes. I have work out clothes and I have loungey items, but nothing I’d want to mess up outside in the dirt. Sometimes when I think about getting dirty, I have to forward to the showering/washing hands/washing clothes part. It’s like I feel the dirt will forever remain on me. So, I either bent over or kneeled the entire time resting on my ankles so nothing had to touch the ground. I didn’t even want my gym shoes to get dirty.

Since I don’t plan on gardening on a regular basis, I will not worry about getting clothes specifically for this activity. I’m sure The Man will be happy to hear that since he thinks I use every reason to go buy something new.

imageHaha! I wish this was my garden. Not saying it’s not totally possible and all but my sweet little flowers are absolutely no match! My husband did happen to compliment my progress and tell me I look like I’m really doing something!



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