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Hair washing in the shower chronicles

I am no longer washing my hair in the shower! (It’s really not ‘chronicles,’ as I won’t be chronicling hair washing in the shower.)

This tub situation is thee hottest mess there ever was. I noticed it getting progressively worse and worse. And I stood right by and watched.

So today I took my little behind to the dollar store (it’s all about saving duckets ’round these parts) looking particularly for a plunger and one of those silver thingys that catch hair and stuff so it doesn’t go down the drain. I swear I try diligently to ‘catch’ my hair but eventually, one most clean the drain!

Dude at the store told me the plunger is not for the tub but for the toilet and pointed me in the direction of some draino type stuff. I thought, “This dollar store crap isn’t going to cut it.” However, I purchased anyway (since it was only a dollar) and used it and viola. I’d say it’s about 85% clear. It said to use half the bottle and repeat if necessary. I will be repeating.

All this to say, forget it – the kitchen sink will be my new hair washing spot. There’s a garbage disposal so there shouldn’t be any issues right? Plus, I don’t detangle in the sink while I’m washing opposed to detangling in the shower. So, problem solved aye?


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