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I thought it was the new vitamins

I started taking some new vitamins about three weeks ago. I’d mentioned to my mother that I’d been feeling a little fatigued for what seemed to be absolutely no reason. I faithfully ingested a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth every morning since October and initially felt the difference. I think my body had become too familiar with it and was craving a change. So she sent me these,

Nature's Sunshine Super Supplemental Tablets

Nature’s Sunshine Super Supplemental Tablets

I’m digging them because they’re coated with chlorophyll. It has vitamin A, C, D3, (which I have a deficiency of), B6, B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese. Serving size is four tabs but I only take two. I eat kinda healthy and incorporate raw vegetables into my diet so I don’t feel it’s necessary to take the recommended dosage. I don’t know – what do y’all think?
I like them I guess. I completely stopped the diatomaceous earth while on the vitamins. Wanted to give myself a little vacation from it. So while I started taking the vitamins, my nails began to grow strong and healthy. I moved to the D.C. area last September and since then have noticed that my hair is extremely dry (inside the strands if that makes sense), my skin is extremely dry and my nails are super weak and brittle. I thought the diatomaceous earth would help it because of all the silica. Anywho, when my nails began growing recently I attributed it to the vitamins. But as of about four days ago, they’ve all begun breaking again. Aha, it was not the vitamins, it was the twice daily coconut oil massage I was giving my fingers that I stopped for no apparent reason other than I didn’t do it one day and the pattern broke. Sigh. I mean, that’s good – I love using natural products on my skin and hair but the vitamins aren’t growing my nails, nor was the diatomaceous earth. However, I suppose the most important thing is my energy levels which have increased since taking the vitamins. And it hasn’t even been a full month yet. Now I just need to get back on my beauty rest and water intake levels. I’ve really slacked off with both this past week – the sleep because the kids are out of school and the water because there’s vodka in the house, probably because the kids are out of school …

On a totally unrelated note, my birthday was on the 11th. I think that was a Wednesday or a Thursday. We didn’t do anything that day but on Father’s Day we went to six flags and did like a Father’s Day/birthday collaboration celebration. It was the bomb. My husband ordered me some crocs that we saw on for a great price and I wasn’t expecting anything else. I don’t need gifts and all that. But about a week later he surprised me and took me shopping. I was so elated because it was totally unexpected. I went in on a mission to get bright, colorful pieces. Nothing black. However, when we left, everything in the bag was black. Except one long, flowy skirt. It was white smh.


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