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Urban Outfitters is that store that used to be my absolute favorite. Then, either they changed, or I changed. Probably the latter. I still find myself browsing their site occasionally but I will not walk into their store ever again. (That’s harsh, and a lie cause I might if I’m feeling nostalgic but I haven’t actually purchased anything from inside the store in about 4yrs.)

So for some reason I can still find stuff worthy of buying on their online site. Rarely do I look at the regular priced items – their prices are rather reasonable but that’s just what I do. Here are a few…okay a lot of things I kinda want right now.

I’ve found as of late that I’m getting too non colorful. Looking through these items I noticed that there’s absolutely no color, except in the accessories. I don’t know why or how I’ve suddenly become this neutral colored or black and white babe. Is it the style now? Or is this just what I’ve only been drawn to? All this neutral colored talk just made me want some birthday cake!


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