Getting my life


Let me tell you all how I’ve been getting my life.

This summer has been all about the kiddos. Now that they’ve grown up a lil bit, they can do all this stuff. Summer camp, soccer, football. We’re taking more “family” trips and such. One to Georgia, then we’ll head to Saugatuck just smack dab in between Chicago and Michigan for a family reunion in which we’ll be staying in a rented mini mansion just a few steps away from Lake Michigan. My toes can’t wait. Four more days. Despite all that, I’ve still been trying to keep them busy with weekly visits to the library (or more), playing at the park, random walks through the Rio, etc. And on the weekends we usually head to six flags which is only about 30 minutes away.

So, we’ve also had a few family visits. First my sister and her family came down for about five days. The following weekend my parents and my sis (again) showed up for a family reunion in DC. This time two of my nephews stayed… Then my father-in-law popped in for a few days. We’re in our third and final week of the nephews visit. It’s been rather pleasant – they’re all old enough to handle themselves. I just gotta feed them (all freaking day) and tell them to go get in the shower! My only real pet peeve has been, “What’s for breakfast? What’s for lunch?What’s for dinner?” Kids don’t understand how grateful they are to have three square meals plus (several) snacks every. single. day.

No wonder I feel like I need a vacation to a tropical island. Jamaica was only three months ago but it currently feels like at least a decade has passed, lol. Today I was reminded that school will be starting in a few weeks and I kind of felt a little sad. It’s something about getting up at 7am in the morning and having to walk the boys to and from school that just makes me feel fatigued. Although, being able to walk the boys to and from school is one of the reasons we decided for me to not work anymore. The irony. Okay but really it’s not so much about the actual walking as it is just being there…with them…home that is. Back to my legs…from the walking…they will be happy. The school sits on a hill so I get a bit of a workout two-three times a day (when I’m volunteering and such – another perk of being a non-working mom (or is it???).

So how am I getting my life? I have no idea. All that planner organization I was talking about before? Never happened. I just kick, push and coast.


Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan



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