Livin in Leggins

Though there’s definitely a few more weeks of heat (it’s been hot and humid out in my parts), I’ve, as of late, been thinking about my winter clothing game. So, since I walk the kiddos to and from school e’reday, I don’t really like/feel comfortable stepping out decked in my trendiest pieces. That’s practically my entire wardrobe. Within the last year I’ve had to force myself to buy more “everyday” type clothes. I do currently own approximately 30 pair of jeans. That’s after good willing several while my mom was visiting a few months back because she was like, “that ish cray.” Yeah most of them are everyday-ish but honestly, it is not the most comfortable item to wear. Sometimes (most times) I loathe the idea of putting them on.  So last year I invested in a couple pair of cargos. I’m talking the loose, baggy kind that I found in the men’s section. This fall/winter, I want to be cute without overdoing it so I’m going to sign up for that elastic waist life. It feels funny saying I’m going to rock leggings in 2014/15. I feel like this trend should be over (is it, or will it stay forever?). But when paired with a long, baggy t-shirt or blouse and booties (or tall boots), who can really tell whether they’re leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans? So this will be my life. Hopefully I can make it cool like these gals.

image image image image


No funky patterns, cheap, shiny polyesters, and way out there colors. What do you think? Good idea or nay?


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