Getting my life

I am at a point in my life where so much has changed. When I say so much, I mean like everything. With age comes change – and hopefully the wisdom to change in the right direction.

I am now a stay at home mom. That’s a whole heckuva change for me – someone who worked here and there in high school, had two jobs while in college and worked full-time while carrying kid #1 and #2. And when I say worked, I mean most times at least 10 (sometimes+) hours, going in on off days and some weekends. I worked through holidays and missed family and friends events. I missed some of my children’s events. But this is life right? How many other mothers can’t say the exact same thing. This is currently the American way.

Between my husbands career and mine, we were living quite comfortably. When I look back into that time in my life, we were so carefree with our finances and spending. Well, times have-a changed! We’re still comfortable thank goodness, but we take more care when making decisions that affect our financial situation. Value is taken into much more consideration nowadays.

So, this aspect of my blog will be dedicated to how I have been affected by this huge change in my life and how in turn, my (and my husbands) decision has affected the dynamic of my family.

I think it quite obvious by my lack of posting that this has at least changed my want for focusing on “what’s so fly.” I don’t follow fashion and trends – but then again I never really have. If it attracts my attention, then I’m interested. I certainly have gone overboard lately with shopping for stuff I don’t need, which has caused a bit of friction (more in a later post). However, posting what’s cute no longer is at the top of my posting priorities. Sure I’ll still do it – it is the reason why this blog exists in the first place, but as the title of this page states, I need to get my life. A part of that is ignoring the tons of emails I get from various stores and staying out of the mall. So perhaps instead of only posting fashiony stuff, I’ll include what’s so fly in my everyday life – my kids, my man and making our home and lives better.


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